Type IIR surgical masks

Type 2 and type IIR masks are intended for use by healthcare professionals in operating theatres or other medical facilities with similar hygiene requirements. They are required to meet a bacterial filtration performance of over 98% in a standardised test. The type IIR masks have additional properties with regard to their fluid resistance.

Main role of the masks

Medical face masks, which are used in operating theatres and healthcare facilities, are primarily intended to protect the entire work environment. The requirements are regulated in the EN 14683 standard. This standard describes two types of medical face masks with associated protection levels: The type 1 masks and the type 2 masks.

Package sizes

Due to their low weight and volume, the surgical masks are packed in sets. We produce packaging sizes of 10, 25 or 50 pieces. Our opening at the top of the 50-pack also provides particularly easy access for pulling out the individual masks.

Your benefits

  • Icon Lizensierter Hersteller

    Licensed manufacturer

    We produce our masks as per DIN EN 14683.

  • Icon Rahmenvertrag

    Framework agreements

    Do you want to save costs and unnecessary overhead? Arrange a framework agreement with us.

  • Icon Service

    Comprehensive service

    We advise you throughout Europe and organise everything around your order.

Advantages of our masks

  • Material

  • Protection

  • Quality

  • Outer packaging

  • Very high wearing comfort

    We know our way around fabrics. That is why our masks are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. They are also lint-free and odourless.

  • Prevent droplet infection

    Droplets can spread through the air via aerosols and thus reach and contaminate sensitive areas such as an open surgical wound.

  • Made in Germany

    We manufacture the masks in Radeberg in our modern production facility. High quality is thus guaranteed.

  • Sustainably packaged

    Our outer packaging is space-saving. It provides efficiently, exactly as much space as the masks need. No box is bigger than it needs to be.

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