This is esumedics

Your partner

We will be happy to provide you with advice and support. As your partner, we want you to be able to sit back and relax. We solve problems for you so that you can invest your valuable time more sensibly.

Personal consultation

To ensure that you always reach your contact directly, you will find all the contact details of the individual team members here.

High quality standards

We set high standards for both our products and our service. Our own test room and quality assurance are a matter of course for us.

The team

You generally have a personal contact person within Esumedics. If you have any new concerns, you will find an overview of the colleagues who are responsible for administration here. Feel free to contact us at any time. We will take care of things.

  • Konferenzraum, 3 Männer, 2 Frauen, Laptops, Masken, Verpackung
  • Verpackung, Masken, OP-Masken, Mann, Handschuhe, OP-Handschuhe
  • Lagerhalle, 2 Männer, Kartons, Laptop, Paletten
  • Our workplace

    esumedics is based in Radeberg. Our production hall as well as our offices are located here. We design the rooms together with the team so that everyone feels comfortable at their workplace.

  • Our history

    We founded Esumedics GmbH at the beginning of 2020. As a team, we wanted to make a contribution during the corona crisis. This attitude continues to this day. We want to support those who help others in the long term with our products and protective equipment.

  • Our dedication

    In our daily work, we try to keep the workload on the client's side as low as possible. This is not only true for paying companies, but also for non-profit organisations. With the help of donations, we try to make an additional contribution here.