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We want one thing above all: For you not to have to worry about medical devices. We produce and procure the most important products and essential protective equipment for you. In doing so, we take your processes and interests into account.

Feel free to bring your wishes to our attention at any time. Our job is to provide you with the things you need to do your job. And in a manner that is as uncomplicated and resource-saving as possible.

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We produce 600 masks per minute


dedicated team members


million masks since the start of production

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Licensed and qualitative

We produce our type IIR masks in Germany as per DIN EN 14683. In order to offer you a comprehensive service from a single source, you will find additional medical products in our range. Before purchasing, we always convince ourselves of the quality of the materials and end products.

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Type IIR surgical masks
FFP2 masks
Nitrile gloves
Covid antigen tests

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We are always looking for people who want to make a real contribution and have a self-determined impact. If this is how you see yourself, we look forward to getting to know you.