esumedics EEG System


from Januar 2024
expected to be available

With 36 or 60 Channels

High Signal Quality and Flexibility

Esumedics combines intuitive, modern software with robust, reliable hardware to create user-friendly EEG-Systems. The esumedics EEG offers a high sampling rate and  signal quality, enabling clear report generation and analysis. 

The system settings can be modified to align with daily requirements from routine EEG to LTM (long-term monitoring). Benefit from efficient workflows and meaningful examination results. Contact us for more information.

esumedics - EEG System / EEG Gerät mit 36 oder 60 Kanälen

from Januar 2024
expected to be available

Technical Features at a Glance

System Highlights:

  • Single database for EEG and EMG 
  • Workflow function for effective teamwork
  • Advanced database filter equipped with five pre-set options tailored for daily use
  • Automatic EDF convertor 
  • Patient information preview window and exam information preview window 
  • GDT/HL7 interface and Multi-workstation versions
  • With Desktop PC or Notebook 
  • With EMG/EP expansion
  • Synchronous Full HD video EEG with professional day/night PTZ camera or compact camera 
  • Programmable & manual photic stimulation
  • Different carts and configurations
esumedics - EEG System auf Gerätewagen

Video EEG in Full HD Resolution

Equip your esumedics EEG system with various camera systems according to your requirements, which expand your device to include synchronized video recording, PTZ camera control and digital zoom with a picture-in-picture option.

esumedics - EEG System mit Video EEG in Full HD